Battle of Pembrey…

Over the weekend the Welsh country side echoed to the battle cries of the BTRA Division 1 Championship, Steve was in fighting form and ready to rise to the challenge.

With some of the most exciting and harsh racing going on, it would take nerves of steel to conquer at Pembrey this year. With 5 trucks being separated by less than half a second the battle of Pembrey would be a titanic one!! Steve acquitted himself with pride as he took a podium for third, two fourth and two fifth places in some of the most brutal racing ever at a Biritsh Truck Racing Association event. Steve on more than one occasion emerged from his battered race truck with an immense smile on his face as he enjoyed some of the best racing of his career so far!!! He even rode up on to the back of rivals truck and thought he may tip over!!!!

But out of the smoke of battle Steve emerged still holding fourth position and closing slightly on his nearest rival in the championship!!!

Next it’s on to the fast flowing track of Thruxton!!!

Steve will be ready for battle at the next round of the championship!!!